Quality Control

The Quality Control (QC) process characterizes all the factors involved during production. Our Quality Management team, in fact, takes care of verifying that all quality requirements are met, by carrying out multiple tests.

Accurate microbiological and physical checks

We carry out sampling and analysis activities at a microbiological level to identify bacteria that may have contaminated raw materials or the work environment.

We also conduct an analysis of the chemical-physical characteristics of the products. It is important that they comply with the specifications stated in the design phase.

We make sure that each product meets specific standards

Verifications are made continuously. They begin with the analysis of raw materials. We also check the semi-finished products, which are sampled during the production process.

Other analyzes are carried out on the finished products. Our Quality Team focuses on ensuring high quality standards for our partners, especially in production environments and on exposed machinery surfaces.

The final product meets all the necessary requirements

The ultimate goal is to guarantee high quality products, intended for the use for which they are requested.

For this reason we are very strict on Quality Control, which covers all stages of our production process.

Our expertise differentiates us and ensures our partners a safe and professional collaboration.

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