Product Compliance

The product must comply with regulatory requirements in order to be placed on the global market. Product compliance is a very important phase in the production process: it guarantees that a product is safe and that it can be used, and that it can be regularly sold and purchased. In addition to being a legislative regulation, this will be a strong point for your product.

Compliance for cosmetic products and related to electronic cigarettes

Our product compliance team has many years of consolidated experience in chemical and cosmetic compliance. The assessment that is carried out has the purpose of obtaining certain quality, safety and efficacy standards, integrating labeling requirements based on the legislation of each different region.

Our team also stands out for its important expertise in scientific and regulatory compliance services for products regulated by TPD. You will get a clearly legible information form, which you can use for your business and for the regular sale of your products.

Everything you need for selling products in the EU

We add value to your product, making it compliant with all the European directives that regulate its sale. As manufacturers, we carry out risk analysis to ensure that the products comply with the EU sales rules.

Everything is done in such a way as to comply with all the technical requirements envisaged, filling in a technical dossier with the necessary documentation.

We will provide you with a product that meets the necessary requirements, saving you time

Non-compliance has important consequences, finding negative feedback in the release on the market.
We are on your side, saving you time and avoiding these risks, taking advantage of our Product Compliance team.

We will provide you with everything you need to have a completely safe and legally compliant product.

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