Product Development

We assist you in turning your idea into a reality. RedLab has all the necessary services to bring a product from concept to market release and beyond: our New Product Development (NPD) team follows a layered process, starting from market research, through engineering and design development, to manufacturing and filling, so that each product corresponds to the requirements required for sale (developing a Minimum Viable Product).

We validate and define the concept to be developed

We analyze the concept to be developed. We begin strategic planning by conducting a SWOT analysis, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the project, trying to enhance the former and reduce the latter.

Chemical analysis of microbiological components is important to us. A better understanding of the raw materials to be used and packaging helps us to develop a more effective manufacturing workflow.

Clear understanding of the market

We implement market research to understand the target audience and any new buyers.

We consider all the market requirements that must be respected and implemented in the quality control and compliant process.

We also evaluate an analysis of competitive products.

Optimization of resources for a smoother production

After segmenting the market, we focus on planning and in particular with a view to product prioritization to eliminate costly practices and deliver customer value in the quickest possible way.

We study a product roadmap to better understand the vision and strategy, and provide a document with guidelines to our teams.

Therefore we integrate our manufacturing and filling services.

Our partners receive complete and quality solutions

All the phases included in the manufacturing and filling process guarantee that the product follows the quality control and compliant phases in order to be released on the market.

We deliver the lots directly to our partner, or we take care of distributing it on a widespread basis in the territory of interest.

We flexibly adapt to any requests

We maintain a close relationship with our partners and we take care of analyzing the feedback towards the product.

During our post-project review we do an assessment of project results, detecting the objectives achieved and those that can be improved.

Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to market demands, improving the product at the request of our partners.

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