Manufacturing and Filling

If you need a manufacture that matches your needs, you can entrust your idea to us. Our production lines follow a progressive working method, going from bulk production to the filling of liquid solutions and cosmetic products, up to pharmaceutical articles.

We follow an innovative workflow

Each phase is conducted on the basis of a timeline that is studied by our experts to better adapt to the product specifications. All sections of our multidisciplinary team work closely together to coordinate production lines with strict guidelines and Quality Control protocols.

It is very important for us to create a solid relationship of collaboration with our customers, which can lead us to gather all the requirements to obtain the best possible result

Modern and cutting-edge technologies

Our facility can count on modern and cutting-edge technologies that allow us to optimize time and resources. Each machine is constantly monitored and sanitized to ensure the highest possible standards.

Our rooms are totally sterilized: a special section of our team is committed to checking endogenous and exogenous variables that can intervene during production, such as air quality, pressure and removals of external agents on the materials used. To do this, all international standards are followed.

Entrusts us for the production of liquid and cosmetic products

We are specialized in the preparation of liquid solutions and cosmetic products with the use of high pharmaceutical grade raw materials. We provide disinfection and temperature control for all materials, which are weighed one by one through a complex system. We inspect the micro-organisms through a contamination screening, liquid component checking and viscosity test. After confirmation, all materials are placed on the production lines to begin manufacturing.

We provide you with a complete product, right down to the packaging

All our lines are equipped with semi-automatic and automatic fillers, cappers and sealers. Before filling, we carry out further quality control analyses of the chemical and microbiological elements.

When the final product corresponds to all the features endorsed in the prototype study, we proceed with the final filling. Packaging is also tested to maintain high quality standards.

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