If you need to develop a cosmetic product that requires a specific formulation at a chemical level, or if you want to produce your liquid for electronic cigarettes, you can entrust our team of specialised chemists with the research and development of the most suitable chemical combination.

Our professionals focus on chemical combinations for cosmetics

The key to having a successful cosmetic product is definitely having a quality chemical structure that meets the needs for which a specific product has been made. We guarantee the best compliance for specific chemical-physical formulations, in order to obtain unique preparations thanks to the experience that has distinguished us for years.

E-liquids are analysed and produced to have unique results

We focus on the process of creating and developing chemical formulations to give shape to your ideas in incredible flavours. We develop and manufacture e-liquids for both large and small distributors and anyone that has a desire of crafting their own product. Our professionals make sure that every flavour meets very rigorous quality standard.

“We care” are not just words

With us your recipes are safe from competitors' eyes. We ensure that all development processes are protected by a trade secret that is not disclosed to anyone, for a partnership characterised by trust, loyalty and solidity.

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