Cosmetic Production

We attach great importance to the scientific value of the cosmetic. We therefore deal with cosmetic production on behalf of third parties, from composition to packaging, using only natural, organic and certified ingredients.

Science and research for the evolution of the cosmetic industry

What sets us apart is the constant research of the latest trends in the cosmetic products market, always offering complete and innovative solutions.

We have gained consolidated experience on skin biochemistry and on today's market needs, with a high effectiveness in solving major skin problems.

The importance of raw materials

We only use high quality raw materials, including chlorhexidine with an antiseptic and a broad spectrum of action, bioethanol, emulsifiers and solubilizers, rheological additives and high-grade film-forming agents.

We have great expertise in the treatment of components such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, alcohol and natural elements for the production of fragrances that comply with strict standards.

A complete service for a unique final product

Our facility allows our partners to have all the services necessary to develop their ideas. We study the best chemical-physical composition for the product, develop it and manufacture it.

Our graphic team assists our partners in the creation of the logo, label and final packaging. All in line with the requirements required by law.

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